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Masken-Alraha 4

Having witnessed the increasing social needs back to back with growing need for more and more developments around the globe, CUBIC EC decided to contribute to the economy, efficiency and constructability of the design product in all possible means. In this connection, CUBIC EC scope of service offers design peers reviews and value engineering. Our team can conduct peer reviews of a design submittal made by other professionals, and our team can exercise value engineering on the various elements of a specific project design as and when needed. 

So far, our team is satisfied to a great extent, with the significant outcomes of providing the design peer reviews and value engineering services while taking into account the life cycle along with the maintenance and operational cost of project. The highly qualified individuals representing CUBIC EC have always shared their knowledge and expertise in specifying the concreting system, or refining the thickness of a concrete slab, specifying the curtain walling system, to making a selection of the HVAC equipment…. covering all components of the design and consequently improving the design efficiency without affecting the stability or compromising the quality of the job, and then improving the constructability aspect of the project for ease of construction and in order to help expedite the progress on site.