CUBIC EC has a proven track record of successful urban design and planning within the Gulf region. Services offered include area master planning, precinct and subdivision detailed design and planning, the development of land use regulations and design guidelines, landscape design, the integration of urban planning and urban design with transportation and infrastructure planning and design, and on-going master plan implementation services. The skills gained through the development of large and complex master plans and the conception and implementation of large infrastructural projects have enabled us to provide creative solutions and innovative designs, whilst working with the full range disciplines required to successfully implement urban development projects.

CUBIC EC understands that sound urban design lowers the costs of urban management, controls both capital expenditures and current costs for public and private transportation and utilities operators, as well as creating efficiencies for private business location and subsequent operations. We have great experience in the development of land use regulations and design guidelines, stating requirements related to urban form and structure. Such documents are readily usable by sub-developers to plan their projects. Development Management includes all ongoing services in order to implement Master plans, including Design reviews and sub-developer and consultant management.

CUBIC EC is proud to integrate the principals of sustainable urban design into all of its work. Sustainable urban design is about ways to plan, design, build and operate urban areas in a way that minimizes and mitigates resource consumption and negative impacts on the natural environment. We focus our efforts in providing solutions that reflect the climatic and social realities of the Gulf region.

CUBIC EC Services Include:

  • Master Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Design Guidelines
  • Development Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Landscape Architecture