As in the case of architectural design, CUBIC (CEC) has earned a unique reputation in structural design and structural analysis. Excellence comes with the fact that, one of the founder has a large institutional experience in structural design and was one of the early engineers who have had a head start in the design of high-rise towers such as Emirates Sail which is one of the land mark project in UAE, in addition to a several other towers such as Al-Dana tower, Beach tower 1&2 -Palm Towers 1,2&3 at Sharjah.

Excellence comes in our structural design section from our firm belief that we have to be able and verbatim in which would help the architect in achieving the distinct ideas without compromising in the creativity and excellence.

 In addition to the intensive care we have for the safety of the structural design of the buildings, we take into account the circumstances surrounding the operation and conditions so that we achieve high performance and durability over the years

To achieve this, we pay attention to the efficiency of engineers and we are keen to use the latest engineering programs and continuous access to updates and studies conducted on the design codes.

As part of the Value Engineering study of the projects, structural design has very influential in the cost of projects, and here comes the distinct experience in a great choice for building regulations and mastery and knowledge of the laws of universal design in achieving economic solutions that meet the requirements of the project and in the logical framework of the project cost

Office experience does not stop when dealing with new projects, but also provide structural studies of existing structure lose its integrity and safety as a result of environmental factors or a mistake in the original design or execution, then the office has to prepare new analysis and onsite investigation of the structure to prepare the technical reports, together with the necessary testing to determine the aspects of the problem and to find successful solutions to them with high care of safety during processing the strengthen works