Adding a new department specialized in real-estate consultancy is a challenge and a huge responsibility! The mission has changed from being a consultant responsible in achieving plans and studies prepared by the corporation its self or by third parties, to finding suitable projects and assuring their success.
As a corporation we contribute to projects firstly by providing studies regarding the real-estate market and predicting the condition of the market in future. Then a variety of locations are studied for the suitability and success of the project. Followed by the location is the preparation of interior drawings and specifications of the desired building, and the preparation of the required tender documents with accordance to the above mentioned details. Through this the project will have uniqueness and an advantage over the other projects, of the same genre, in the real-estate market.
In the case of fully devolved projects, we have the responsibility of preparing catalogs and tables indicating the details and the dimensions of the units available in projects. In addition, we provide assistance to clients in registering plots and projects with the required authorities.
Our role is far from over! We assist our clients in hiring a company to manage the services of the building while in use and be available to the new residents in case any technical support is required. By the end of this process we will successfully deliver success full and unique projects to their owners and then start a new journey with new projects and new ideas.