CUBIC EC applies total delivery system. We are always inclined towards supplying continuous service from the inception point to handing over a satisfactory product  that has our signature. Site Supervision is an integral part of our scope of service. CUBIC EC’s site supervision delivery is the guarantee to safely deliver a quality and environment friendly end product within budget and in time. Our site supervision resource base forms the backbone of our delivery system. Throughout the years, we have managed to bridge the gap between the design office and on-site construction via an in-house site supervision base which supplies the site with a permanent supervision team and a specific supervision plan on a job to job basis, supported by the back-office core team expertise on regular monitory basis.

At present, CUBIC EC maintains an in-house site supervision team with broad expertise in:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Health and Safety
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Contract management
  • site and material inspection
  • site logistics
  • land surveying

In addition, our site supervision team has an extensive knowledge of all engineering disciplines i.e. Architectural, Structural, MEP, Civil and environmental engineering.

Our partners are always assured that CUBIC EC is the venue for highly qualified professionals, who are trained to reserve our partners best interests in terms of time, cost, quality, health and safety at all times.

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