Our Expertise

At CUBIC Engineering Consultants (CEC), our structural engineering prowess is renowned, distinguishing us in the realms of structural design and analysis. Our foundation of excellence is attributed to our founders’ extensive institutional experience and pioneering contributions to landmark projects such as the Emirates Sail in the UAE, alongside other notable towers like Al-Dana, Beach Towers 1 & 2, and Palm Towers 1, 2 & 3 in Sharjah.

Commitment to Excellence

Our structural design excellence stems from a firm belief in supporting architects’ visions with precision and creativity, without compromising on quality. We are dedicated to the safety and structural integrity of our projects, considering all operational circumstances and conditions to ensure longevity and high performance.

Value Engineering and Cost Efficiency

In our structural designs, we recognize the significant impact on project costs. Our unique expertise allows us to navigate building regulations and universal design laws masterfully, delivering economical solutions that align with project requirements within a logical cost framework.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Continuous Learning

We prioritize the efficiency of our engineering team, committing to the use of the latest software and staying abreast of updates and studies on design codes. This approach ensures that our structural solutions are not only innovative but also grounded in the most current engineering practices.

Beyond New Projects

Our expertise extends beyond new projects to include structural assessments of existing structures compromised by environmental factors, original design or execution flaws. We conduct thorough analyses and on-site investigations, preparing technical reports and conducting necessary tests to diagnose problems and devise effective solutions, always prioritizing safety during strengthening works.

Our Promise

At CUBIC EC, we blend technical excellence with innovative engineering solutions, ensuring that each structure stands the test of time while encapsulating creativity and architectural vision. Our commitment to safety, sustainability, and cost-efficiency positions us at the forefront of structural engineering, ready to tackle the challenges of today and envision the structures of tomorrow.


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