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Building the Future: Cubic Engineering Consultancy's Legacy of Excellence

Cubic Engineering Consultancy (CEC) is a prominent engineering consultancy firm that was established in Dubai and later expanded its services across various regions in the United Arab Emirates. CEC takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of services throughout the entire lifecycle of construction projects. These services include designing, feasibility studies, planning, project management, and project development supervision.

CEC’s primary mission is to tackle complex challenges that can arise in construction projects and make a lasting impact on the future of building development. The company believes that engineering is not merely about aesthetics and graphics but embodies core values such as truth, honesty, patience, dedication, and a commitment to continuous development while keeping an eye on future trends and advancements in the field.

CEC attributes its success not only to the hard work and dedication of its team members but also to the collaborative partnerships it forms with its clients. The firm views its clients as essential partners in achieving success. By working hand in hand with honesty, respect, and a spirit of cooperation, CEC strives to inspire satisfaction and deliver high-quality projects. The engineers at CEC are deeply involved in their projects, and their dedication and teamwork result in the development of projects that meet high standards and are presented to clients with exceptional quality.

The CEC board continually pursues self-improvement and growth. By analyzing situations and leveraging the expertise of others, the company aims to reach the pinnacle of success and achieve its goals.

CEC has a rich heritage, as it is not a new entity born from scratch. Instead, it represents a continuation of a long and distinguished legacy built by its founding members. These members have been involved in and contributed to some of the most significant and advanced urban renaissance projects in modern history, reflecting their experience, expertise, and reputation in the field of engineering and construction.

Word of Managing Director

From the onset of my professional journey, I’ve held a profound belief that genuine passion for one’s craft is the cornerstone of unparalleled success. My dedication has been unwavering, driving me to meet and exceed global standards in the intricacies of construction and its encompassing spheres.

My vision transcends merely building structures. It’s about harnessing advanced construction methodologies to elevate community living standards and cultivate spaces that inspire joy and well-being. This ambition has always been my beacon, guiding every endeavor, instilling pride and fostering sustainable evolution for our world.

The United Arab Emirates stands as a testament to what visionary leadership and relentless drive can achieve. Its meteoric and methodical rise has not only astounded the global community but has also set a gold standard for nations on the cusp of significant transformation. Such unparalleled growth, underscored by an unwavering commitment to urban excellence, is what makes the UAE an epitome of luxury and quality living.

To be part of such a movement is a privilege. It fuels the aspirations of all who dream of engraving their legacy on the annals of this magnificent civilization. It’s a legacy that future generations will look upon with respect and admiration.

I’m honored to lead a team of dynamic professionals – a cadre of individuals driven by innovation, passion, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Their commitment, mirrored in every facet of our operations, is the bedrock upon which our expansive ambitions are built.

As we forge ahead, our aspirations are anchored in a deep-seated commitment to integrated excellence. We firmly believe that the brightest horizon is yet to come, and it’s our mission not just to reach it, but to shape it.

Our Values, Vision, and Mission

Elevating Excellence in Construction and Beyond

Core Principles:

We elevate our aspirations by adhering to exemplary principles:
1- Integrity
2- Esteem
3- Dedication
4- Accountability
5- Exceptional Client Service
6- Clarity

Our Aspiration:

“Striving for unparalleled excellence.”

Our Strengths and Strategic Aims:

Beyond our rich legacy in construction, we aim to amplify our proficiency across the Gulf and Middle Eastern regions.

Our Commitment:

We are dedicated to the relentless enhancement of our professional practices, crafting an evolving system that consistently surpasses the zenith of quality and client gratification.

Our Framework for Excellence:

Our organizational blueprint mirrors our objectives, with an emphasis on:
1- Innovative design solutions.
2- Comprehensive quality oversight.
3- Robust quality assurance and control protocols.
4- Prioritizing safety.
5- Sustainable project development.
6- Strategic value optimization.
7- Robust support in the realm of construction.
8- Enrichment through industry conferences and specialized technical forums.

Meet The team

Eng. Mohamed Abdelrahman

Executive Manager

Arch. Monji Jarray

Director of Design Department

Eng. Ahmed Yassein

Director of MEP Department

Mr. Nawar Al-Nakeshbandi

Finance & Administrative Manager

Eng. Monir Salem

Director of the Northen Emirates

Eng. Mahmoud El-Gabrouny

Director of Dubai Office

Msc. Anas Salama

Manager of the Tender Department

Msc. Ahmed Khaled

Director of Digital Cubic

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