Pioneering Success in Real Estate

At CUBIC Engineering Consultants (CEC), we are excited to announce the addition of a new department exclusively focused on Real Estate Consultancy. This strategic expansion reflects our commitment to not just participate in the real estate market but to set new benchmarks of success and innovation. Our journey evolves from executing plans and studies to actively identifying and fostering the success of standout real estate projects.

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Our first step in contributing to a project involves an in-depth analysis of the real estate market, forecasting future trends and conditions. This predictive insight forms the backbone of our strategic planning, ensuring that we not only understand the current landscape but are also prepared for future shifts.

Design and Specification

Following site selection, our team prepares detailed interior drawings and specifications for the proposed building. This phase is crucial in defining the character and functionality of the space, ensuring it meets our high standards of innovation and quality.

Marketing and Sales Support

For fully developed projects, we take charge of creating comprehensive catalogs and tables that highlight the units’ details and dimensions. This material is vital for effectively marketing the properties and assisting clients in navigating the sales process smoothly.

Location and Feasibility Studies

We meticulously evaluate various locations to determine their suitability and potential for project success. This involves a thorough assessment of geographical, demographic, and market-specific factors to ensure the chosen site aligns with our vision for the project.

Tender Documentation

With designs in place, we proceed to prepare tender documents, meticulously detailing every aspect of the project to ensure clarity and precision in the bidding process. This step is fundamental in translating our vision into reality, attracting the right partners to bring our unique projects to life.

Legal and Regulatory Guidance

Our consultancy extends to helping clients with the registration of plots and projects with the necessary authorities, ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.

Post-Construction Services

Beyond the construction phase, we offer support in selecting a management company for the building’s services, ensuring that new residents have access to technical support when needed. This end-to-end service underscores our commitment to delivering not just buildings but thriving communities.

Our Mission

At CUBIC EC, our role in the real estate consultancy landscape is far-reaching. From market analysis to project completion and beyond, we are dedicated to delivering uniquely successful projects that stand out in the real estate market. Our mission is to continually embark on new journeys, bringing innovative projects and fresh ideas to fruition, setting new standards of excellence in the real estate sector.



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