Comprehensive Oversight

At CUBIC Engineering Consultants (CEC), we champion a total delivery system, committed to providing continuous service from project inception to the successful handover of a product that proudly bears our signature. Construction site supervision is a cornerstone of our service offerings, ensuring the safe, timely, and budget-conscious delivery of a quality, environmentally friendly end product.

A Bridge Between Design and Construction

Our approach to site supervision is designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between the design office and on-site construction activities. Supported by a dedicated in-house site supervision team and a tailored supervision plan for each project, our methodology is bolstered by the expertise of our back-office core team, which monitors progress and ensures adherence to project specifications regularly.

Expertise Across the Board

CUBIC EC’s site supervision team brings a wealth of expertise in a variety of critical areas, including:

  • Quality Assurance: Ensuring that all aspects of the project meet or exceed the set quality standards.
  • Health and Safety: Prioritizing the well-being of all personnel on site by implementing rigorous health and safety protocols.
  • Quantity Surveying: Providing accurate material and cost estimates to ensure project feasibility and budget compliance.
  • Contract Management: Overseeing contract obligations to ensure all parties fulfill their contractual commitments.
  • Site and Material Inspection: Conducting thorough inspections to guarantee the quality of materials and workmanship.
  • Site Logistics: Managing the logistics of the construction site to ensure efficient operation and minimal disruption.
  • Land Surveying: Accurately measuring and mapping the site to guide construction and design decisions.

Furthermore, our team possesses extensive knowledge across all engineering disciplines, including Architectural, Structural, MEP, Civil, and Environmental Engineering, ensuring a holistic approach to site supervision.

Our Commitment

Our partners can rest assured that CUBIC EC is synonymous with highly qualified professionals dedicated to safeguarding our partners’ best interests in terms of time, cost, quality, health, and safety. Our commitment to excellence in construction supervision means that every project we oversee is managed with the utmost care and professionalism, guaranteeing outcomes that exceed expectations.


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